Matriculate Does Not Mean Graduate

Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash

June is for graduates. If you did graduate from somewhere, I hope that you learned that you graduated from high school or university and didn’t matriculate from either of those places.

Matriculate actually means to enroll in or be admitted to a group such as a university or a program.

Matriculate is most commonly used as a verb followed by a preposition like at, into, or to.

Incorrect: Erica matriculated from Newberry High School.

Correct: Erica hopes to matriculate to Michigan State University someday.

There are times, though, when matriculate is used as a noun. When it is, it’s referring to someone who was admitted to a program, but according to my handy Oxford American English Dictionary, such use is primarily limited to Indian English.

Correct: A Michigan State matriculate scheduled an interview for Monday.