Who is the Crabby Copy Editor? She’s Diane Faulkner, media critic, ghostwriter, content marketing strategist, editor, proofreader, writing coach, and radio host.

Why did Diane decide to create this blog? She loves language and hates it when people mangle it, verbally or in writing.  It makes her cranky and, well, crabby.

Who is this blog for? Anyone who wants to communicate well in American English and can appreciate dry humor.

What makes Diane the authority on all things editorial? She’s a sought after editor who has edited, proofread, and written in many genres:  mystery, metaphysical, business, finance, tech, memoir, health, education, among others.  Books, white papers, professional journals, newspapers, technical writing, college admission essays, advertisements – if words are used, she’s editing, writing, or proofing them.

Why is Diane so crabby? People just don’t know the rules anymore, not that rules always need to be followed.  When people stop following rules, purposely or not, misunderstanding is the result.  Listeners and readers can get confused.  Speakers and writers look like fools.  This upsets Diane to no end.

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