Blonde vs. Blond

How exactly do you spell “blond”? Is it “blond” or “blonde”? It’s not unusual to see it spelled either way and sometimes even spelled both ways in the same article. Were editors taking a break when those particular pieces crossed their desks?

The quick answer is no.

The reason readers sometimes see both spellings in the same article is because the word actually has a feminine and masculine form. The word came to English from the French language, which has feminine and masculine forms. When it came into English usage as a noun, it kept those forms. When the word is used as an adjective, however, “blond” is correct form.

How would that look?

My hair is fair, so I, being female, am considered a blonde.

My brother, whose fair hair has darkened over the years, is considered a dishwater blond.

Anyone can have blond hair if they have a good hairdresser, but please, don’t just bleach it yourself.


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